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We have three destinctive groups, all of them forming an important part of the business base. Our customer base is additionally growing in number and greographical location. We have clients from across many parts of Scotland and now throughout several regions of the United Kingdom. Our product is often sent across the globe and we are more than willing and able to respond to customers on an international basis.


These tend to be shops or tourist attractions, although we also classify some charities within this grouping. We supply product to the retailer generally in larger quantities and they in turn display and sell to their customers at a price that they determine for the product.

For detail on prices, terms and conditions access this link.

Private customer

This can be any individual coming to us through any comunication method and ordering any of our product for their own requirement. The customer order tends to be smaller in size, but our pricing structure reflect private customers who have larger quantities through a quantity discount system. The product will be delivered to the customer wherever they may be, both internationally and within the UK.

For detail on prices, terms and conditions access this link.


This can be an individual, company or organisation. The person or persons are clients in so far as we are undertaking a photographic related service that is defined by the client be it photography for a special occasion or product, cards for a corporate requirement or images for a website or brochure.
In this case there are no pre-listed prices, but we will provide the client with a fixed price or estimate of cost before enbarking on the work or service.

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